TO BRING THEM HOMe - from Heroes of the Helen Blake


On brave white horses that rise and charge,
Aloft the heaving breast of the wayward deep,
T'ward weary ships and solemn hearts:
Make fast my bond, my pledge to keep.

T'is oar and courage that tamed the wave,
Thus bearing souls adrift to a far-off place.
God surely loved them as cries they gave:
Thy mighty hand. Thy saving grace.

The storms unleash their insignia of light,
A flash to bathe the blue in a crimson blend.
She dips and skims the brimming plight
And man and boat both creak and bend.

With buckled hull and broken mast
And a leeward thrust to the rocky shore,
That of each one, mankind should ask
To bring them home to love once more.

Be there no sadness in our farewell,
as much in faith, I make to the boundless sea.
Beat hard the waves that drape my sense.
God's light, my compass ever be.

Liam Bates - 2014

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