Live performance | Cello WILLIAM BUTT Piano ORLA McDONAGH 

The mystery or intrigue surrounding a person can often be the alluring quality, which attracts and engages the attention. That which is obscured from the face of the Mona Lisa, has captured the imagination of many generations, making her arguably the most talked about subject of a portrait. 

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The main character in Oscar Wilde's short story A Sphinx without a Secret, purposefully invests in maintaining her own cloud of mystique to great effect, whilst beneath the open charm and charisma, resides the hidden company of the unhappy and the lonely. 

Dancing with Gioconda is a lyrical piece of music, styled in romance and passion, with just a hint of heartache. There are light touches of jazz harmony particularly within the landscape created by the piano.

This performance is given by Cellist WILLIAM BUTT and pianist ORLA McDONAGH