STANDING ROOM ONLY at the music for wexford concert


STANDING ROOM ONLY at the Music For Wexford concert last month. Wexford audiences are the warmest... and they certainly know their onions. 

So you just have to give it up for the team at Music For Wexford who suggested and supported this concert performance of my work.

It's rare that a whole programme is given over to just one composer's music and it's certainly a gift of an opportunity. And after years of concert promotion, Music For Wexford now wanted to feature the work 'of a living composer'... that's even rarer (I love that angle). 

Well it paid off and thankfully the occasion attracted a capacity audience who appreciatively stood up twice, and as you can imagine  left me suspended on a natural high with all that adrenaline pumping through my veins.



It has to be said that at the heart of this performance was the extraordinary finesse of the ensemble MUSICI IRELAND lead by Mia Cooper... they were stunning. Joined by flugelhorn player Shaun Hooke, pianist Orla McDonagh who also accompanied cellist William Butt, singer Cillian Byrne and accordionist Donagh Wylde, they managed to navigate their way around eighty minutes of my concert chamber pieces with an abundance of skilful brilliance and zing!... a composer's dream. A whopping special thanks here goes to violist Beth McNinch, Musici Ireland's artistic director, for getting it all together.

And how amazing is it for Wexford to have VALDA CHAMBER CHOIR... they were just the icing on the cake! They worked towards this concert with such generosity and commitment and their performance was beautiful and stunning. Thank you VALDA... I would love to do more music together with you. 

So a big thank you to everyone who came to the concert... you were such a warm audience which only served to ignite the performance.

And I think you'll all agree that it was brilliant to see so many young people there too... did anyone see the little girl dancing in the isle in the last play of VIVO? Now she was really connecting with the beat. I might encourage a bit of audience dancing at the next concert.



Check out this review of the concert by Cathy Desmond... here



As for the Music For Wexford team, I really think between them they could rule the world! Do you know these volunteers have been bringing quality performers and performances to Wexford for over twenty-two years?... Somebody should write an article on these formidable people and on everything they have achieved. (Check out their programme for the year ahead and follow them on Facebook.)